"The way in which Jeremy tells a story is defined by the nuances of simple yet beautifully detailed cohesive layers he uses. It's an intentional act of using everything he possible can in the environment to make the story feel original, creative and deliberately authentic."

Jeremy's story is a layered compilation of experiences that have come together to create a unique version of reality his friends lovingly call "Jeremy's World". There is literally nothing else can describe it. His fondness for doing things his way has created a path for him where there was none. While he is uniquely himself, he is also extremely professional, courteous, and passionately driven to make the best art he can.

From his ownership of Departing Line Studios, tenure as VP of Marketing at ConQuest Scents, and music theory studies, his skill set combined with his experiences ultimately helps him translate creative ideas into finished projects. His small but supportive network of family and friends including his wife Dotti and daughter Jozlyn is where home truly is for him. You also can't forget Daphne who is the sweetest little Chihuahua that he refers to as his "Mexican Wolf".

Whatever project or event you are considering Jeremy for, there is only one thing you need to know; he will do his best work every time that he's asked to.