Lovelace Surprise

Mister and Missus Lovelace are some of my favorite people!  I've had the privilege of knowing Elizabeth's family for a few years now.  And I'm beyond thankful that I know them all!

Elizabeth and Joe asked me to be their wedding photographer in April 2016.  And their wedding was one I won't soon forget!

In Fall 2017, Elizabeth private messaged me to schedule a "pregnancy reveal session" for her and Joe.  We told Joe that it was a big family photo session with Elizabeth's sister, brother-in-law, mom, dad, niece, and nephew.  When they arrived to the park, we told Joe that the family was running behind, so we'd start with taking photos of the two of them.  And that they were going to be my guinea pigs to try something new.  To have them stand back-to-back and write sweet notes to each other and then turn around for the big reveal.  And boy oh boy, Elizabeth's note sure had Joe by surprise!

Thank you, Elizabeth and Joe, for yet again allowing me to capture this moment in your life-story! I adore you and your family!  And I'm so excited to see you two become three!  Congratulations!

Please comment below if you think it will be a Little Joe or a Little Elizabeth!  :)

Dotti Gouine

Davison, MI 48423