Senior Session F.A.Q.

In 2016, we offered almost 50 free senior sessions. This gave us an opportunity to see how it would work and if it was something we could offer for future years. The results showed us that this has helped families not worry about the often tough and frustrating question, "How can I afford this". For 2017, we are pushing the door wide open to help as many families as possible.

1.  Why are you offering free sessions?

With us not charging any deposit or retainer fee, this allows us to open the door to all families who have a graduating senior. We understand that your senior year of high school can be expensive especially as you are preparing for college and other life changes. This is a way for us to help families worry about one less thing. 

2.  Are you going to "stick us with a huge bill" afterwards?

Absolutely not. There is no pressure to purchase anything after we complete your gallery. There are no hidden fees or obligations to ever purchase anything. That's our promise to you.

3.  Can you tell us more about the session and ordering options?

Every session is a 90 minute outdoor session. You may choose a location that is within 30 miles from our studio in Davison without any traveling costs involved. Also included is a free senior yearbook headshot. About 3 to 4 weeks after your session, you're images will be uploaded to your own personal online gallery. From there, you have some options.

Option 1 - Purchase the entire gallery.

If you'd like all of the edited images, you'll receive 50% off what we call "The Gallery Option". This will allow you to download all of your edited images directly from your online gallery and includes a print release form that allows you to order prints through your own desired printing company.  By selecting this option, you'll also receive a 25% discount if you choose to order any prints from us.  And, you'll also receive a $150 print credit.

The 50% off The Gallery Option ends 3 weeks after your gallery is uploaded. From there, it will go down to 25% off.  The 25% discount doesn't expire either. 

Option 2 - A La Carte.

You can order what you'd like, when you'd like directly from your online gallery with a 15% discount.  Your prints will be shipped directly to you and if you choose to purchase any digital downloads you'll receive an email with a link to download them. It's really that simple.


There is no pressure to purchase anything and there never will be.

4.  Can I schedule more than one session?

Absolutely!  You can schedule up to 2 free sessions. Scheduling is done on a "first come, first serve basis", and these sessions fill up quickly.

5.  Can I schedule a session with you even if I've scheduled a session with another photographer ?

You sure can!

6.  How do I book a free senior session?

The best way to book a free senior session is to fill out our inquiry form. It's super quick and easy and will get us all on the same page. You are more than welcome to also call or email us directly.

To secure your booking, we have some very short paperwork for you to read and fill out. This paperwork has to be returned to us within one week after you schedule your session.  The paperwork finalizes booking us and without it, your session isn't fully booked.

7.  What if I need to reschedule?

If we have to reschedule your session due to weather, we will work closely with you to fit you into our schedule as soon as possible. This usually only becomes a issue during the transition from Summer to Fall.

If you have to reschedule for any reason other than weather, you will need to notify us immediately so we can work with you to create a plan.  Our Summer and Fall photo session schedule always becomes very busy with the variety of shoots we do. While we understand that sometimes life happens and things come up, we may not be able to guarantee a prompt reschedule.

All no-shows will be ineligible for a reschedule or any further free senior session bookings.